If you’re someone who loves football (or as the Yanks call it, “soccer”), you’ll love working for Soccity. We’re an ad-free publication with a mission every mainstream media consumer can get behind: that of ending the pathetic clickbait “journalism” which drives publisher revenue—and consequently the insanity of readers worldwide.

A mission statement as bold as ours requires serious people with serious commitments (okay, maybe one laugh a day won’t go amiss). We care deeply about the world’s game, and its unyielding allegiance to something as frustrating as careless journalism is a wrong that we will right.

Since inception, Soccity has seen great growth in its readership. The reach we have today is all thanks to the phenomenal people that have wrote and worked for their passion of the beautiful game. Join us and our team of superstars in fighting awesomely for something we all love.

We are currently looking for individuals to post updates to and maintain Soccity’s social media accounts. The ideal candidate should be light-hearted, someone who can handle criticism, and someone who’s well-versed whilst typing at a fast pace (as in you don’t make mistakes when tweeting out like a maniac in the middle of a UCL game).

Proven experience growing other social media accounts is preferred but not needed. Also preferred if you have experience working with social media management tools. If you’re interested in helping us build a better social presence, reach out. Send us an email at [email protected].

Our platform is growing quickly with its reach from month-to-month, and it can be a stepping stone for young journalists who are criminally in love with the game. So if you’re looking to make a breakthrough in your writing career, this is where you can achieve that goal.

What else can you expect from being a writer for Soccity?

  • A great pool of young and talented footballing minds that you get to chat with 24/7.
  • A large volume of readers if your article is a ‘hit’, from sources such as NewsNow and Google News.
  • Promotion via Soccity’s social networks (Facebook and Twitter).
  • Potential new friends for life.

If you’re interested, please either email us at [email protected] or use the contact form below:

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We are currently looking for editors to subsidize the onslaught of content we’ve experienced recently due to the influx of new, talented writers who have joined our project.

If you’re interested, please fill out the application below (or email at [email protected]) and we’ll do our best to follow-up within 24 hours:

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Are internships paid?

Internships are typically unpaid positions. They should be viewed as a way to garner valuable experience and a potential stepping-stone into a paid position in the future.

Will I have to relocate to work for Soccity?

Fortunately, no. All job positions you see on this page are remote jobs, meaning they can be done from the comforts of your own home (or nearby cafe, or, under extreme circumstances, planet Mars).

So...how does this whole thing work?

If you’re confused as to how everything will work (i.e. “I am a writer, how am I supposed to submit content?”, “How will I be able to contribute to Soccity’s social media?” etc.) take a deep breath. We’re all in this together. You’ll be briefed on everything we use for our workflow, and there will be people to help you out whenever you need them.

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