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Constant improvement: Why Juventus should sign 20 y/o Valencia star

Valencia have always been a club that produces talents on a consistent basis. From Juan Mata, David Silva and even David Villa from the days gone by, they have taken this habit forward over the years. That makes the prospect…

Resurgent Valencia face toughest test yet against Barcelona

After two seasons of disappointing results, a new manager and rejuvenated players are fueling a resurgent Valencia this campaign. But Sunday’s home tie with Barcelona may take the measure of how far they have come.

La Liga: The season so far, and a look-ahead to this weekend

The first two weeks of action in the 2017-2018 La Liga season are in the books, and while there may not have been many surprises thus far, there certainly were  some.

La Liga 2017/18 Forecast: Real Madrid to retain its crown, while Barca sinks deep down

As the 2017/18 season of La Liga gets set to launch, we make a few predictions, some extra bold, and some not so much, of what to expect to happen.