“I love both nations, I’m not sure yet”: 3 reasons why Chelsea striker should snub England

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  1. Ken Aziude says:

    Enough of this nonsense, must we continue begging this boy while our Hitman deadly and dangerous Victor Osimhen is there, this direct and indirect begging are one way or the other killing the confidence of Victor the Hitman and others, pls let’s focus on important things not Tammy Abraham.

  2. Ken Aziude says:

    Pls let’s continue begging I can see he is bigger than a great nation like Nigeria

  3. Tammy Abraham must not make the same mistake some of his predisessors made, England will only use and dump you, there are many players ahead of him. Vaddy , Harry kean, Rashford, there is no way he gets the chance or the opportunity . For instance, if England qualifies for World Cup, they are not taking more than three strikers to World Cup, who are the three players expected to go, Tammy , you are not one of them please

  4. Emma Ehi says:

    Mr Kolade Daniels, thank you for this valuable piece of advice to this young stricker who has not seen life. Our people say , ” What a wise man sees sitting down, the young cannot see it even when he climbs the iroko tree.”

    You have said a lot here; A lot of other wise people have given this young man good reasons not to make the same stupud mistake other good players of Nigerian decent made and invariably fell nto the ditch of the quickly forgotten footballers of yesteryears.

    Like a young beautiful virgin courted by many suitors, let him choose England over Nigeria and they will dump him in no time like the others before him ! With Nigeria, Tammy Abraham name will be for life. Let him vhoose England and he will eventually regret !!!

    People hardly learn from history …

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