Stats show Arsenal have been the worst side defensively in Europe’s top five Leagues

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  1. Mikey says:

    Being selcetive with stats is one way of attempting to prove a weak argument. It doesn’t, howver, constitute anything like a scientific analysis when so many issues remain unmentioned. Not once, for example, did you even allude to the fact that we have only been able to play 25% of our first choice back four all season.

    Further you did not mention that we have played 40% of our games against teams in the “top six” (more than any other team).

    Just as an add-on, why doesn’t the media or the blogs bother to question why, after just five games of the seaon, we have had both Atkinson and Taylor refereeing us twice each (both have a history of favouring our opposition). All the top leagues do their best to try and avoid anyone refereeing the same side more than twice in a whole season. Interestingly, Mike Riley seems to go out of his way to do the exact opposite. If we had proper football “journalists” in this country, they’d be asking why. But this is the lamentable standard of the media in this country.

    Ironically, it appears that some of our supposed “supporters” lap up the inadeqaute ramblings of the media without thinking either. A very sad state of affairs indeed.

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