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Game changer: Arsenal must get this player to top form fast

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  1. Robert Baker says:

    Perfectly right, look at get my e didn’t cope too well at first, pepe should be in the team week in week out until he’s ready and used to playing at a faster pace that’s more physical. Play him

  2. Shadrach says:

    i also wonder why PEPE is left on the bench. how will he possibly adapt the premier league without playing consistently?
    i though Lujmberg will do better but the monment i saw him starting David Luiz in Arsenal defence and Guedouz , i realised he will not make any differece. If he was a wise coach like Mourinho, He would NOT dare to give David Luiz not even a single match.
    David Luiz is NOT a deffender u can include in a sqaud looking for a win and i can clearly say Guendouz is not a first team player . Not even in a competetive league like EPL. He is a second division player.

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