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City thrashing exposes Spurs’ deep-rooted problems

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  1. scottr says:

    I agree with much of this, but there is something to add to each area:

    1) The transfer issue has definitely been scattered with only two players being successful in the last two summer pickups: Sanchez & Wanyama. However, both have been the only ones afforded any kind of time on the pitch. I have been very disappointed in how Poch has used other players, especially N’Koudou and Llorente (Neglected two = N2). Sure they have been inconsistent when we’ve seen them, but how often have they been given any kind of chance? And if you’re not getting in games, it must be hard to go 110% in practice when it doesn’t lead to any change. Which leads to…
    2) Poor player form and how Poch sticks with guys even when they’re noticeably struggling. Look no further than Dele and how he keeps getting chances even though it’s clear he’s not right. He should have sat the ENTIRE Brighton match but nope, he gets in when N2 should have been given a chance. Kane could have / should have been rested for that game too, but nope, Poch is determined to burn him up so that he’ll be next to dip in form. Eriksen has looked whooped ever since his last Denmark game, yet he keeps racking up the minutes. Which leads to ..
    3) Tactics and Poch’s one-way train to failure this season. City showed a Plan B when Spurs pressed: They stopped playing out of the back and Ederson began pinging passes to the midfield which led to breakaways. What did Spurs do? The same… play it out from the back even though it was clearly failing (Lloris almost gave up a corner on a goal kick???). Even worse is how Poch subs, or more accurately, doesn’t sub. It was clear to me that Dembele was done against City at the 60 minute mark, yet he stayed in until the end. I’m almost certain Sissoko could have offered more at that point.

    Overall, I have not been overly critical of Poch but he has not showed that he is learning enough to take Spurs to the next level. Unless he changes these flawed behaviors, I think the Spurs will run the risk of not playing in the Champions League again for an extended period of time.

    1. Mike Schmidt says:

      Wholeheartedly agree, Scott. In particular, your third point really sums up my frustrations with Poch. Adaptability is definitely an issue right now, and the City game showed it. I’ve also lost count of the amount of games I’ve watched this season where we’re chasing something and he refuses to sub until 80 minutes into the game. Call me old fashioned, but if things aren’t working, I want my subs in as early as possible…60th or sooner. Otherwise they have very little chance to change the game.

      He’s a great manager but at times very stubborn. It’d be a shame for something like that to stop us from progressing when we’ve got such a strong team in place. Anyway, thanks for reading and sharing your thoughts!

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