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Let him go: Why Man City should accept an offer for 39-goal €100m rated star

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  1. CiTyBlUe says:

    Whoever typed this tripe out has not got a clue, Manchester City do not have ample cover for Sane at all so that’s a flat out lie. Another lie is the insinuation that Manchester City are stopping Sane from leaving, that is another huge flat out lie. The Germans Bayern Munich on the other hand illegally tapped up Sane and their grovelling and guilty apologies ptoved that. Bayern Munich are just like Liverpool who have been found to have broken the law spying on other clubs. Both are a disgrace to football and to sport. Sane has also shown no respect to Manchester City so i think you will find that most Manchester City fans want to see Sane sold on because he is inproffesional and egotistical. We don’t want players like Sane at our club. They are not fit to play for our club, Bayern Munich are the perfect club for Sane and they are welcome to him for £130 million or more, no less.

  2. CiTyBlUe says:

    Pay us £130 million for Sane or take a hike off of a cliff.

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