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Two things Valverde must do to revive Barcelona from the current crisis

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  1. Teejay Giwa says:

    most people are missing the problem , its not the lineup , and yes over-reliance on messi is a significant problem , the fundamental problem is the details of how we play , there is no style of play , players are not moving into space in midfield to beat pressing teams , valverde is only able to get wins against teams that sit deep behind the ball , but a pressing team that gets in our faces falls his tactics flat on the face , the team is too slow , predictable and overly reliant on messi , Valverde should have some shame and resign , its annoying watching barca play , its gone from boring over the years since he came to just plain annoying now , there are no triangular passing lanes , totally disjointed team

  2. Kolade Daniel says:

    Exactly the point mate…For a side like Barcelona, winning or scraping results isn’t enough but the general style of play and attractive football must be maintained as well. Asides occasional glimpses, we’ve barely seen much of that from Barca in the past few months and it doesn’t seem to be getting better any time soon

  3. Babangida Othman says:

    I go through what the writer wrote and other two commentators contributed, but is like we are taken away from the fact that the problem is love lost of Messi to Griezmann, is glaring everywhere on and off the field, Messi was not happy with Griezmann arrival and refused to allow things moving, no matter who come in as manager may not change the situation on ground, people like Piqué dozen’t want to pass the ball to him, Rakitic if he is in too, etc until unless this issue is been addressed nothing will work as expected. To my understanding neither the board nor the coach can talk to Messi on this issue, is like he kicked against it and you want ahead and bought him, so let all of us suffer, pin pointing on the tactics or Valverde is not an issue.

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