Players who disappointed the most at the 2018 World Cup

The 2018 World Cup gave us entertainment like no other, which fortunately or unfortunately, meant that there were disappointments

Has VAR really changed the World Cup?

Largely speaking, VAR has been well-received at this year’s World Cup. But has it really changed the way things used to be?

World Cup 2006: Remembering the Battle of Nuremberg

It is often said that football has gotten “softer” over the years. While antics like Pepe’s makes it hard to disagree, there’s also this one game.

England vs. Tunisia Player Ratings: Kane impresses, so does Trippier

England grinded out a victory against Tunisia when it seemed that all luck ha eluded them. Their captain and star man Kane bailed them out.

Did we learn anything from England’s two friendlies before the World Cup?

England’s two pre-World Cup friendlies did not serve to reveal too much about Gareth Southgate’s plans at Russia. It revealed just enough.

The players looking to make a breakthrough at Russia 2018

Many players stumble onto the world’s eyes during a World Cup, which is one of its biggest treats. Sergej, Werner, and Torreira top the list for 2018.

El-Hadary at 45: Egypt’s potential World Cup record breaker

For only the third time in the history of the tournament, Egypt is playing in the World Cup. But that might be less history-making than the fact that they are bringing keeper, Essam El-Hadary along with them.

The Netherlands: No rejuvenation on the horizon (it seems)

The Netherlands fortunes in international competitions have been on the decline over the last decade. What is behind their slide into mediocrity and can anything be done about it?

Could there “B” a group stage upset at this year’s World Cup?

Upsets have become fairly common in football competitions—it’s one of the main reasons the game is so wildly popular. So, this year, at the World Cup, where will the upset come from? Group B seems the most likely.

Midas – The dream of a Nigerian football academy

Meet a man with a dream for Nigerian football: one that’s vast and wide, like the Serengeti, as all-encompassing as the Congo and as ambitious as climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro. It’s the kind of vision that you don’t want vaporizing like a Saharan mirage—because you know what it’s like to have football fever.