Is player revolt the main reason behind Ancelotti’s sacking?

Bayern Munich chairman Uli Hoeness claims five players turned on Carlo Ancelotti. The player revolt apparently led to Ancelotti’s sacking after PSG defeat.

Moukoko, Majetschak, and Arp: Bundesliga’s U-17 Wunderkinder

Germany’s youth academies have produced a lot of current world football stars. The Bundesliga has benefitted from that as well. Moukoko, Majetschak, and Arp are among the names of up and coming players touted to continue that tradition. Can they live up to expectations?

Six things Bundesliga fans ought to have skipped this summer

Fall is here, dear Bundesliga fans. Let’s hope you are ready for the new year to begin in full. But before we start, tell us, how did you spend your summer?

A new chapter for Oli Burke: the Scottish winger moves to the Premier League

Oliver Burke makes the £15m switch to West Brom from RB Leipzig, marking a new chapter in the the Scottish player’s career.

Frankfurt’s hooligans bring up issues with ultras in football

Eintracht Frankfurt is becoming a Bundesliga hotbed for a new brand of football hooliganism. What can be done about this extreme form of fan misbehavior?

Barcelona deal done for Dembélé; what about Dortmund?

Ousmane Dembélé has transferred from Borussia Dortmund to FC Barçelona just prior to the start of the new Bundesliga season. What now for Dortmund?

Bibiana Steinhaus to debut Matchday 1 at Allianz Arena

The Bundesliga breaks new ground this Friday as the first woman referee will take the field during Match Day 1. But has Bibiana Steinhaus arrived too late?

Niklas Süle and Sebastian Rudy and Ancelotti’s scheme

Sebastian Rudy and Niklas Süle connected on a free kick for Bayern-Munich during Saturday’s Supercup. Is that Carlo Ancelotti’s plan of attack for 2018?

Bundesliga 2017-18: Pre-season power rankings

Summer is nearly over, which means that the new Bundesliga season will be underway soon. Who have looked the best according to their preseason?

3 things we learned from DFL-Supercup and 3 we didn’t

Saturday’s victory for FC Bayern in the 2017 DFL Supercup was the club’s second in a row under Carlo Ancelotti. What did we learn from the game?