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Who should win African Player of the Year?

The voting for the 2017 African Player of the Year has opened, both on the BBC website and through the African federation site. Who are you voting for?

Manchester United vs. Spurs: Can Harry Kane be tamed?

Manchester United face Tottenham Hotspur at Old Trafford this Saturday. With Kane’s outstanding goal scoring record so far, and United’s recent loss against Huddersfield, will Spurs manage a win over the Red Devils or will Kane be tamed?

Liverpool vs. Manchester United preview: Battle of the Reds

Klopp and Mourinho will be preparing for one of the biggest rival games of the Premier League this Saturday. Will it be The Reds or The Red Devils who come out on top?

Moukoko, Majetschak, and Arp: Bundesliga’s U-17 Wunderkinder

Germany’s youth academies have produced a lot of current world football stars. The Bundesliga has benefitted from that as well. Moukoko, Majetschak, and Arp are among the names of up and coming players touted to continue that tradition. Can they live up to expectations?

La Liga: The season so far, and a look-ahead to this weekend

The first two weeks of action in the 2017-2018 La Liga season are in the books, and while there may not have been many surprises thus far, there certainly were  some.

The standoff begins: Who will leave first, Messi or Bartomeu?

Josep Maria Bartomeu isn’t having the easiest of times right now. After all, going down as the man to be blamed for Messi’s departure is not really ideal.

Barca in freefall as Madrid continues ascension

Barcelona are in full-on crisis mode. The internal problems at the club have only made the on-field problems seem even worse than they are.

MLS Power Rankings: Here comes Seattle

The second half of the season in MLS typically raises even more questions than answers. However, one answer seems to be set in stone: the fate of Toronto.

La Liga 2017/18 Forecast: Real Madrid to retain its crown, while Barca sinks deep down

As the 2017/18 season of La Liga gets set to launch, we make a few predictions, some extra bold, and some not so much, of what to expect to happen.

Can Madrid eclipse Guardiola’s Barca and nab a 2017-18 sextet?

Real Madrid have already broken records winning back-to-back UCL trophies, but can they go one step further and eclipse the sextet of Barca in ’09?