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Midas – The dream of a Nigerian football academy

Meet a man with a dream for Nigerian football: one that’s vast and wide, like the Serengeti, as all-encompassing as the Congo and as ambitious as climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro. It’s the kind of vision that you don’t want vaporizing like a Saharan mirage—because you know what it’s like to have football fever.

Savannah Jordan—going full speed ahead with the Portland Thorns

Meet forward Savannah Jordan of Portland Thorns. We can learn from her—especially those of us who lingered on the sidelines of our futures not sure where to funnel all of our energy.

Seattle Reign defender Elli Reed is living (and sharing) the dream

Seattle Reign defender Ellie Reed not only has tons of soccer experience, but she uses her platform to reach out to others.

How Brazil prepares the next generation of great soccer players

Brazil still holds the record for the most World Cups won by a country, so that means they must be doing something right—we take a look at exactly what.

Dembélé transfer to Barcelona was money well spent

Ousmane Dembele secured his big money move to Barcelona; but is he a good investment? For a man five years younger than Neymar, he’s quite impressive.

Meet Houston Dash goalkeeping extraordinaire, Jane Campbell

Houston Dash goalkeeper Jane Campbell talks to Soccity in an exclusive interview; we ask questions about her personal and professional life.

The issue of sudden death in soccer and how to counter it

The world’s most popular sport has a big issue – of players suddenly dying on the field. The cases are vast, and they’re depressing.

Deyna Castellanos—the gold of Venezuela and a legend in the making

Deyna Castellanos is making waves in women’s soccer, and her brilliance might just revolutionize Venezuela and its soccer.