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Rampant Arsenal reaping the rewards of transfer market good fortune

Good judgment or pure luck? How the latest transfer window inadvertently provided Arsenal with the most fluent attacking threesome they’ve seen in years.

Theo Walcott and Everton walk hand-in-hand into existential malaise

Theo Walcott has joined Everton during lean times for both the man and the club. Although he broke through on his very first match at Goodison Park, he may not prove enough to lead the Toffees to a European qualifying finish. Yet he and Everton may still be said to be perfectly suited to one another.

Chords begin to strain in the ballad of Bakayoko

Tiemoue Bakayoko’s move to Chelsea hasn’t exactly worked out to plan. His form has been tipsy turvy, his mistakes under a spotlight that perhaps he can’t handle.

Footballing driftwood: Hughes the victim of Stoke’s growing identity crisis

2-1 down to a team in English football’s fourth tier, the culmination of a run which has effectively seen his Stoke side win an average of one game per month since the beginning of the season, Hughes was already standing cross-armed under a cloud so thick it threatened to fall out of the sky.

Goal celebration nonpareil: Arnautovic basks in hate-fuelled glory

Celebrating Premier League goals is an art form that has its own rules and forms of expression. Sometimes the art is uplifting and sometimes it’s more like a death-metal band tattoo. What did Marko Arnautovic’s slide say to Stoke last weekend?

Game of musical chairs continues with Pardew and Allardyce appointments

With the appointments of Alan Pardew and Sam Allardyce, Premier League’s survival-threatened teams continue their game of musical chairs.