Max Gorynski
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Shadow of the Colossus: Manchester City and the new midfielder

From Iniesta, Xavi, Schweinsteiger, the new, modern midfielder has arisen. What characterizes and defines this ‘modern’ midfielder?

How Barcelona are reinventing the 4-4-2

Who would’ve imagined that Barca, the most purist football club the world has ever seen, would play a formation as seemingly bland as a 4-4-2?

In defence of referees: The most hated men in football

In a sport headed by a self-evidently, almost comically corrupt officiating body, it is surprisingly the referees who encounter the most blame.

Chelsea Football Club: The Garden of Eden Hazard

Eden Hazard may not lay claim to 400 career goals, but he is as gifted a progenitor as anyone kicking of the joy. He is most committed to it.

The ascension of Marco Asensio, Prince of Madrid

Perhaps we hold back now from hitching ourselves to Marco Asensio’s star, but we can do so no longer.

Newcastle – A Toon Phoenix Finally Able to Soar

Newcastle’s campaign under Benitez has seen them gain automatic promotion back to the promised land. If Rafa stays, will the Toons achieve greatness once more?

Baker & Calypso – The Journey of Chelsea’s Lewis Baker

Chelsea’s loan system is perhaps the most ludicrous present anywhere. However, it is starting to produce results—see Moses, Victor—and Lewis Baker might be the next to shine at the Bridge.

Spectacular Thiago: Taking Back Control

Thiago’s brilliant outings for Bayern this season have drawn remarks that the Spaniard is finally fulfilling his potential. According to Max, however, he’s not merely fulfilling it. He’s seizing it.

Raphael Guerreiro – A Sea Change

Guerreiro’s brilliance in the Euros of last summer was perhaps the only thing bright about Portugal’s somber way of playing. His brilliance has continued in an unprecedented manner – and it’s been noticed.

N’Golo: In Praise of the World’s Best Player

N’Golo Kante is the most decisive player in the world. How else would you explain his two (or for now, one and a half) title wins for two different clubs in two consecutive seasons?