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Just a guy living in the world's most dangerous country: Venezuela. Trying to survive while I'm doing Medical School. I do Stand Up Comedy and write some stuff in my spare time. Any questions, write down on the comments or just send me a message on my social networks.

How Messi and Cristiano have changed football

No words can describe the achievements that Messi and Ronaldo have attained. They haven’t altered the game insomuch as they’ve been a deviation.

Germany has done it again – this time with their B team

Germany may have put forth its B or C team, but they played with the same ruthlessness we’ve come to expect from the Die Mannschaft.

Football rule-makers are discussing some radical changes—it could change the game entirely

The International Football Association Board (IFAB) is discussing some new regulations to introduce to the game in order to make it better.

How Zidane led Real Madrid to its first double since 1957/58

Zinedine Zidane as a player was fascinating, at times show-stoppingly brilliant. Zinedine Zidane the manager, though, might be even better.

Mbappé’s night shadowed by a stubborn Higuaín as Juventus look to conquer Europe

On a night when the world was watching, Higuain (with help from Alves) made Juventus’ qualification to the UCL final seem ridiculously easy. Who will step up for Monaco in the second leg?

La Liga: An inspired Messi leads Barcelona to Clasico win against a bulldozing Real Madrid

The rioting and marauding streets of Venezuela weren’t enough to keep Julio from following the love of his life: football. It wasn’t just any football, either, it was the famed El Clasico.

Naples, summer of 1984: Maradona’s transfer to Napoli and what transpired after

Diego Armando Maradona is one of the first names to come out of people’s mouths when conversation arises in relation to the identity of the greatest player to have ever lived. Yet, his career path is perhaps even more intriguing than the mesmerizing skill he produced.

Francesco Totti: The eternal ‘Capitano’

As Francesco Totti’s career dwindles down to its last few ounces of magic, Julio tries to encapsulate in words what the eternal captain means to Rome.