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Love football and sharing my writing with the world. If you enjoy what I write - get in touch! My email address is [email protected] and any feedback/criticism will be greatly appreciated :)

This World Cup has been a complete failure for South America

All five South American nations suffered an exit before the semi-finals. It has been a World Cup to forget for the entire continent.

England’s penalty shoot-out win detaches their World Cup stereotype

England won a World Cup penalty shoot-out for the first time in their history. Is it proof they are finally breaking the mould?

Raheem Sterling: Why his World Cup preparations have been tainted at the crucial point

Raheem Sterling has faced some unwanted criticism from the media lately, which has only made preparations for the World Cup more difficult.

The Netherlands: No rejuvenation on the horizon (it seems)

The Netherlands fortunes in international competitions have been on the decline over the last decade. What is behind their slide into mediocrity and can anything be done about it?

Arsenal’s post-Wenger plans set in stone as Emery era begins

Arsene Wenger’s 22-year legacy at Arsenal is over, and former PSG and Sevilla manager Unai Emery has been confirmed to take his place.

World Cup underdogs: Iceland, Egypt, Senegal — their chances of leaving a mark in Russia

With a World Cup on the horizon, it is time to look at some of the countries hoping to spring a surprise in Russia.

England’s World Cup squad gives the new blood a fresh lease of life, and they’ll be better for it

Gareth Southgate’s choices for the World Cup squad of England has a sense of freshness about it. The stars who failed in years gone by are left for the young guns of the future—ad it could pay off.

PSG: Why they can only truly be judged in the Champions League

PSG’s rise as a financial powerhouse of a football club hasn’t exactly translated into continental success. In fact, their failures in the Champions League are so highlighted that it has now become the standard for every new manager.

Alternative Premier League Team of the Season—composed of those who have shadowed the stars

This is the lineup that’s built on and instigated by underappreciation. Sure, everyone lauds the superstars, but what about those who fly under their shadows, whilst having great seasons of their own?

Bayern take Bundesliga (again) — is the league losing its sparkle?

Bayern Munich’s ascended to yet another Bundesliga title, and yet again it was pretty comfortable. The future of the Bundesliga is seriously in question as the lack of competition for the top spot in Germany’s first division is, quite frankly, embarrassing.

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