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Vikings of Iceland: The men behind the ever-growing legend

In their first international competition since shocking the world at Euro 2016, Iceland have already added to their own legend by holding off Lio Messi and a favored Argentina side. Who are these guys?

A day before the World Cup, Julen Lopetegui is sacked as Spain manager

Last week Lopetegui was a relatively unknown figure in world football preparing to write his name in the history books, but now he’s fired.

World Cup will suffer if FIFA doesn’t enforce anti-racism in Russia

Danny Rose’s recent revelations build on France’s issues playing in Russia to reveal a lack of urgency on FIFA’s part to fight racism.

Claudio Ranieri: From Premier League number one to Ligue 1 (and back?)

Ranieri’s reign in Nantes has come to a typically dramatic end as the Tinkerman dared the club to sack him in response to the president’s description of him as “unprofessional”.

The human rights issues surrounding FIFA World Cups

Beautiful stadiums are a feature of the World Cup, but the costs of building them are simply becoming outrageous. The conditions of workers is yet again a big big concern, with unfair wages (if any) and inhumane treatment.

Could there “B” a group stage upset at this year’s World Cup?

Upsets have become fairly common in football competitions—it’s one of the main reasons the game is so wildly popular. So, this year, at the World Cup, where will the upset come from? Group B seems the most likely.

The legacy of the late Jlloyd Samuel—the PL player who left to play in Iran

Not many outside of Iran will remember a player by the name of Jlloyd Samuel, who left the riches of the Premier League to take on the challenges from an unusual part of the globe. But his legacy will remain untainted in Iran for years to come.

Are the stars aligned for Liverpool’s European resurgence?

Some thirteen years ago Liverpool FC brought home their last Champions League trophy. The reds have scored a lot of goals in the current competition and even overcome their tendency to falter away from home on the road Kiev. But LFC may have more than meets the eye going for them against holders, Real Madrid, in this year’s final. And some of it is kinda spooky…

From dialogue to action: Sustainable goals in the world of football

The world around us is now surrounded by green initiatives as humans have realized (finally) just how cataclysmic the damages we’re causing are. But what about in football?

Money madness invades the pitch: Football fights back

As world football becomes an even more popular sport all over the globe, opportunities for the best parts of the game’s appeal to be lost in a flurry of spending are also on the rise. But there are yet signs that the game may not merely be reduced to the whims of the highest bidders.

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