The Netherlands: No rejuvenation on the horizon (it seems)

The Netherlands fortunes in international competitions have been on the decline over the last decade. What is behind their slide into mediocrity and can anything be done about it?

Craven in name only: Why Fulham’s promotion is a beacon of hope for the Premier League

Last weekend, Fulham secured promotion to the Premier League with a gritty 1-0 victory over Aston Villa in the EFL Championship Play-off Final, demonstrating that a youthful team with guts and flair can overcome the weathered and battle-hardened old guard.

The relegated players that Premier League teams should sign

The end of the EPL season brought joy to some and relegation to others. Some of the players on those teams just relegated will soon be jumping to new clubs in order to stay up for another season. Which players are most likely to leave their relegated teams behind?

What the FIFA World Rankings mean for the World Cup

Many football fans scoff at the FIFA world rankings and, as the 2018 World Cup finals draw near, there seems good cause to do so. Should England’s fans be worried?

Could there “B” a group stage upset at this year’s World Cup?

Upsets have become fairly common in football competitions—it’s one of the main reasons the game is so wildly popular. So, this year, at the World Cup, where will the upset come from? Group B seems the most likely.

The stars of the 2014 World Cup: Where are they now?

The 2014 World Cup finals in Brazil produced many surprises. It also featured great on-field performances by some familiar star players. Where are those stars today and what are their plans for Russia 2018?

What is behind Derby’s faliure to keep hold of a manager?

Derby County, in recent seasons, have had a more than unconventional relationship with their managers—but Gary Rowett was supposed to be different.

Championship Playoff Final: Is winning really better than losing?

One of the biggest games in English football takes place later today with Fulham taking on Aston Villa in the Championship playoff final. However, should both sides be aiming for the win?

The legacy of the late Jlloyd Samuel—the PL player who left to play in Iran

Not many outside of Iran will remember a player by the name of Jlloyd Samuel, who left the riches of the Premier League to take on the challenges from an unusual part of the globe. But his legacy will remain untainted in Iran for years to come.

High lines and traps: Is the offside rule ruining football?

The offside rule is one of the cornerstones of the modern game. Yet, most often, it seems merely an intrusion of an assistant referee’s judgment into the run of play. The offside rule has a purpose, but is it fulfilling that any longer?