Premier League survival: does replacing the manager make the difference?

As the Premier League season winds down, the struggle for survival amongst the sides ramps-up. With stakes at a high, managers are shuffled around in a desperate move to affect results. Can a new manager give a crucial edge—one that will elbow another side out and make room at the top of the heap?

EFL Championship Round-Up: The international break comes

With the EFL Championship play-offs just around the corner, the teams at the top need to keep up the momentum while for teams at the bottom, a positive result can mean a short reprieve and the promise of better things when the league resumes. 

How do you solve a problem like Toby Alderweireld?

Tottenham are in a quagmire situation with their (arguably) best centre-back, Toby Alderweireld. Reports suggest that the defender is seeking wages that Spurs simply do not want to meet, which could lead to a premature breakup in the summer.

FA Cup Final Four: United, Chelsea stand between Spurs and a trophy

Last time Spurs and United met, Poch got the better of Mourinho; but I doubt it’ll be simple to beat them at this stage of an FA Cup competition. Still, if we can knock-off United, the momentum will be ours—regardless of who wins the other game. Imagine, though, if we lost to Southampton? I can see the memes now…

Is José Mourinho to blame for the Sevilla disaster?

One of the most successful managers in football today is José Mourinho. Yet, Manchester United seem to happily star in the underdog role no matter what the quality of the opposition. Can Mourinho’s counter-intuitive and measured approach to football actually be causing the Devils to fail?

Fußball 2018: The best of times, the worst of times for the Bundesliga?

German football has two faces in 2018. Though supporters of the men’s national side have had nothing but good news, there are reasons to be concerned going into Russia 2018. Likewise, FC Bayern are on beam to collect another Bundesliga title, but are major changes coming to the German top flight?

EFL Championship Round-Up: The Ides of March

In the build-up to this most portentous of times, are there yet more bad omens on the horizon for those floundering at the bottom? Will Wolves, so long at the head of the Empire, finally succumb to Cardiff’s knife?

Spurs 4–1 Bournemouth: High-scoring win tempered by Kane loss

Spurs dispatched Bournemouth with relative ease on Sunday despite losing start attacker Harry Kane to a first-half injury. In his absence, do they have enough in the tank to maintain a top-four spot?

Chelsea vs. Crystal Palace: The Bluebirds should edge past the Eagles

With the World Cup fast approaching, all hands will be on deck for Saturday’s match between Chelsea and Crystal Palace. Chelsea’s back three is not the impenetrable brick wall it was; however, with the home advantage and Kanté on the pitch, the Bluebirds should edge the Eagles off their perch.

De Gea renewal should be Manchester United’s priority this summer

David De Gea’s demands for a renewal contract are not nearly as expensive as losing him to another team would be to Manchester United. Since no amount of money can guarantee the replacement of a super goalie, the Red Devils should make securing his contract a priority this summer.